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Account Director or Project Manager for longer-term engagements.

Is your agency:

  • Experiencing high workloads due to a sudden spike in work?
  • Looking to get out of the weeds? Are you too involved in the day-to-day when you know your focus should be elsewhere?

If you need help with the more nitty-gritty, day-to-day operations, I offer my services on a longer-term part-time basis.

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Why might you need a Part-time Account Director long-term?

  • Cost-effective expertise: I can provide my services without the financial commitment of a full-time Account Director, making it a cost-effective solution.

  • Specialised Skillsets: Some agencies require specialised skills that might not warrant a full-time position. I have expertise in many different industries and across several disciplines so can fill these skill gaps efficiently.

  • Client Relationship Management: Building and maintaining client relationships are my jam! I provide consistent communication, manage client expectations, and ensure ongoing client satisfaction.

  • Efficient Project Management: My skillset lies in prioritising tasks, managing projects, and maintaining efficient workflows. I help to keep projects on track, ensuring timely deliveries and meeting client deadlines.

  • Long-Term Relationship Building: Over time, I will become intimately familiar with your agency’s culture, processes, and clients. This long-term relationship-building can lead to more seamless operations and improved client interactions.

  • Reduced Burnout and Turnover: I can help alleviate the strain on yourself and your team, maintaining a healthy work environment, balancing workloads and preventing burnout.

I fit seamlessly into your agency operations and offer you flexible hours in a cost-effective way which is a valuable asset for agencies seeking long-term growth, improved client satisfaction, and efficient project execution.

Let’s have a chat.

Whether your agency is looking to better improve client relationships, project management efficiency or seeking expertise in specific areas, I’d love to help improve client and staff retention, and overall agency growth.

Get in touch today to find out more.