Outsourced eCommerce Project Manager

With decades of eCommerce operational expertise working with national and international consumers, I help entrepreneurs and eCommerce business owners to focus on growing their businesses, rather than getting caught up in the day-to-day details. I introduce systems and processes that may not already exist and help to streamline those that do but aren’t working to the best effect.

Essentially, I help the business owner get out of their own way by optimising the company’s overall operational functions. I also manage key suppliers and staff on a high level.

Do any of these statements sound familiar to you?

  • No opportunity to focus on growing your business as day-to-day operations consume all of your time?

  • Know you’re not working to the best effect, but unsure how to do so?

  • Business grown quicker than you’d anticipated and struggling to keep up?

  • Know that you have a valuable product, but need help ‘getting it out there’?

In my capacity as your outsourced eCommerce manager, I create marketing and project plans and timelines and then manage these through from idea to completion. I act as a safe pair of hands for the eCommerce business owner who can then focus more of their time and energy on the areas that they specialise in.

Helping eCommerce sellers to grow their business and increase their profits

I tend to work with already successful eCommerce business owners who are looking to grow, but will also, on occasion, work with start-ups that demonstrate an entrepreneurial flair and have the determination to succeed from the get-go. There’s something quite infectious about a passionate entrepreneur with a crystal-clear vision of where they want their eCommerce business to go, and on these occasions,  I am happy to share my insights as an experienced eCommerce entrepreneur myself.

Integration within your eCommerce business

I integrate fully within your team (if you have one, or I can bring in additional resources if required) coordinating deadlines, projects and priorities. General day-to-day tasks include managing website design and content, supplier communication, budgeting, managing internal teams and external creative teams. From my experience, eCommerce business owners often have a million ideas in their head at one time, all of which have operational implications, and so you must be prepared to discuss openly and frequently with me through regular catch ups. This should be established at the very start of our relationship.

Please get in touch for a no-obligation initial talk to explore the opportunities that lie ahead.