I’m a Fractional Project Manager and Outsourced Account Director for 6 and 7 figure creative agencies and ecommerce businesses

  • Are you looking for help in making the vision for your creative agency or ecommerce business a reality?

  • Do you know your business has the potential to be more effective, but unsure how to get there?

This is where I can help.

I’ve spent most of my corporate life managing large-scale projects for some of the world’s biggest brands (Coke, Nike and BMW to name a few), and I set up my first business in 2011 to bring my big brand knowledge to the SME market.

I love nothing more than getting under the skin of exciting online brands and growing creative agencies, helping them thrive against their competitors – no matter how crowded their marketplace.

I’m a rare mix of big picture thinking and hands on implementation.

  • Of strategy and tactics

  • Of marketing and operations

  • An Account Director and a Project Manager

Through my 20 years of experience I learned to adapt fast, be resourceful and efficient and I love all of the operational details that many business owners hate.

My specialisms as a Fractional Project Manager and Outsourced Agency Director

As every Fractional Project Manager and Outsourced Agency Director will bring something different to the table, I thought it would be useful to elaborate on my particular specialisms and how I can help you.

Working predominantly (but not exclusively) with clients in and near Brighton, London, West Sussex and Surrey, most of my clients commission me to lead across the areas of internal and external operations. I have a variety of experience across a range of industries which will benefit your business from a big picture thinking perspective.

Depending on the exact requirements for your business, the range of services I offer include:

  • Reviewing your existing project management processes and advising on weaknesses in your current systems

  • Recommending better processes and procedures and supporting the set up and implementation of these

  • Overseeing product launches from initial idea to completion

  • Managing suppliers and a multitude of projects at any one time

  • Managing all day-to-day client communications

  • Mapping out new revenue streams and marketing strategies.

For CEOs and owners that are operationally minded themselves, I most often show up as a second pair of hands, helping them to manage their numerous commitments. I oversee and lead the day-to-day operations allowing the CEO or owner to focus on the longer term, more strategic partnerships, plans and challenges.

Exploring the opportunities together

I tend to work with business owners located near Brighton, London or within West Sussex or Surrey (although some of my clients are based in the USA and Australia), who have achieved some degree of success, but who are aware that to reach the pinnacle of where they really want to get to, they will have to do something different to what they have been doing to date.

What do I ask for in return? In essence, communication and the space and ability to make decisions. I work with only one to two clients at any one time, as my focus is on the longer-term commitment which requires me to become fully integrated within my clients’ businesses. It’s impossible for me to make a business vision a reality if neither the trust nor communication is in place to share that vision with me in the first place, which is why both myself, and any new client that I take on, must feel confident that we are the right fit for each other.

If you think that we might be, please get in touch for a no-obligation initial talk to explore the opportunities that lie ahead.