Karen Hardie – Outsourced COO West Sussex & Surrey

  • Looking for help making your business vision a reality?

  • Know your business has the potential to be more effective, but unsure how to get there?

This is where I can help. The role of the Outsourced Chief Operating Officer is very often misunderstood though, so just to be clear, my purpose is never to fill your shoes; you have the vision, I have the plan (and I can help you to execute it).

My specialisms as an Outsourced Chief Operating Officer

As every outsourced COO will bring something different to the table, I thought it would be useful to elaborate on my particular specialisms and how I can help your business to grow.

Working predominantly (but not exclusively) with clients in and near Brighton, Guildford, West Sussex and Surrey, most of my clients commission me to lead across the areas of internal and external operations, and marketing. I have a variety of experience across a range of industries which will benefit your business from a big picture thinking perspective, but as I have significant experience in the fields of e-commerce, marketing, FMCG & Retail, Hospitality & Leisure, I find that I’m often brought in by companies – or agencies who have clients – in these particular sectors.

For CEOs that are operationally minded themselves, I most often show up as the second pair of hands, helping them to manage their numerous commitments. I oversee and lead the day-to-day operations allowing the CEO to focus on the longer term, more strategic partnerships, plans and challenges.

Have a vision, but unsure how to execute it?

I work closely with CEOs who have a grand vision but don’t have the time, knowledge (or perhaps interest) in executing it. I become the yin to their yang, the calm to their chaos.

With a background in the marketing of big brands, I’m often brought in to manage launches and marketing campaigns, either because the CEO has limited expertise in this area or lacks time, and I’m fortunate to have a growing team of trusted professional partners in other essential business growth fields:

  • HR

  • Recruitment

  • Administration

  • Sales

  • Finance

  • Business Growth

Working with me grants you access to my entire network of partners – all world-class experts in their field.